David Michael Burrow

Somos Hoy


Somos el pasado--
La historia de todo el mundo
La guerra y el odio,
El hambre y la lágrima,
El sufrimiento--
Somos hoy.

Somos la tierra--
La hermosura de Dios:
El pájaro y el árbol,
El agua y la rosa,
La buena vida--
Somos hoy.

Somos el futuro--
La obra de nuestras manos:
El sueño y la mente,
La paz y el amor,
La esperanza--
Somos hoy.

Somos el pasado,
Somos el futuro,
Somos la gente--
Somos hoy.

David Burrow
Mayo, 1980

In Our Lives Today
(English Version of "Somos Hoy")

Our lives reflect the past--
The echoes of the canyons of history:
The brutal war and pain,
The hunger and the tears,
A million years of suffering
Are in our lives

Our lives preserve the earth--
The glittering jewel in the void of space:
The butterfly, the tree,
The sweet rain, and the rose
The promise of the good life
Shapes all our lives

Our lives look toward the future--
The precious work our hands can build:
The careful thoughts and dreams,
Eternal love and peace,
The hope that builds eternity
Lies in our lives

David Burrow
January, 1981


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The Spanish version of this poem was written shortly before Mr. Burrow graduated from high school, as an assignment in his Spanish IV class. The English version was created the following year. is not a direct translation, but rather a poem in the same form on the same topic.

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