David Burrow has always enjoyed writing. As a child main ambition was to be a professional journalist. In elementary school he edited a neighborhood newspaper, which he printed on a spirit duplicator with "Ditto" masters. He was editor of his junior high newspaper (under the supervision of "Miss Bell", the English teacher who married attorney Tom Vilsack and went on to become the first lady of Iowa and wife of the Secretary of Agriculture), and he worked on his high school yearbook, the Target

When he was in junior high in 1976 he won first place in a contest to honor the U.S. Bicentennial. His project included two hundred original patriotic poems. Then in high school he submitted a written question and won a contest to be part of a group of students who would get to interview President Carter on a trip he was to make to Iowa. Unfortunately when Americans were taken hostage in Iran, the President had to cancel his trip.

When he was in college, David Burrow did a lot of writing--both for class assignments and for enjoyment. Some of his best essays and poetry are collected here.

Mr. Burrow still enjoys writing, although he does not have a great deal of time to do so these days. His more recent work includes travelogues about places he has visited, annual Christmas letters to his family and friends, sermons that have been delivered in his church, and this entire website.


Christmas Present
David Burrow has been writing for a long time. Here is a Christmas present he received in elementary school.

200 Poems
Eighth grader David Burrow being presented the first place award for writing 200 poems to honor the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976.

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