David Michael Burrow

A Prayer for the 1980s


We pray to the God of history
The mother and father of the universe
The leader of all earth's people
The savior of all the human race:

Grant us the knowledge
To realize
We live in a world
Of many peoples
But united through God
Help us affirm that which binds us together
And reconcile that which still holds us apart
Help us preserve peace and end war ...

Grant us the knowledge
To realize
That we are all rich
And that we all can be
Productive members of our world
Help us to end the suffering
Of those with little food or money
And to celebrate the ways
In which even the poor can be wealthy
Help us promote love among all ...

Grant us the knowledge
To realize
That all of your children
Are equal in your eyes
Regardless of their race
Their gender
Or their beliefs
Help us to eliminate all prejudice and inequity
And to do all we can
To promote equality in your world
Help us to see all the world as one.

We pray to the God of forever
The guardian of eternity
Help us to see the good in your creation
And to do our best to make it better.

David Burrow August, 1980


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While this was written over twenty years ago, it could just as easily be a prayer for the new millenium.

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The background music on this page is "Black and White," originally by Three Dog Night. It portrays the idealism in this poem.

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