David Michael Burrow

Ode to Joy


Sinking in the depths of sadness;
Caught in pain and doubt and fear?
Sing with me the song of gladness;
Fill your heart with joy and cheer!
Music echoes on forever
Toward the final victory;
Joy of joys our pain will sever
Happiness will set us free!

From the mountain, from the vale,
From each distant land and shore,
Love will send its ancient tale
Rolling on forevermore.
Joy within our hearts is raging;
All our turmoils now will cease;
Like fine wine our gladness aging
Fills our souls with inner peace.

Love calls us to serve each other,
Pass the joy on every hand;
Live in peace with one another;
Make this earth a perfect land!
All are blessed with life and living
From the moment of their birth;
We must share with gifts and giving,
Spreading love o'er all the earth!

Praise the maker of creation,
All that our great eyes can see;
Offer thanks with deep elation,
Happiness and ecstacy;
Like an ever-glowing ember
Offered to us from on high,
Joy is ours when we remember
When we live, we never die!

Joy resounds from distant ages;
Joy lives on in us today;
Joy like mighty fire rages
Joy we sing, we chant, we say;
Joy redeems us, like the thunder
Cancels lightning's burning blaze;
Joy is our sustaining wonder,
Happiness for all our days!

David M. Burrow
October 3, 1982


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Mr. Burrow likes this hymn the best of all the poetry he has written. It was written shortly after the death of his mother, Betty Burrow, and is dedicated to her. The lyric is set to the music of the "Ode to Joy Among the Heavens," the chorale of Beethovan's Ninth Symphony--which was sung (as the hymn "Sing with All the Sons of Glory") at the funerals of Betty and George Burrow. The hymn is Mr. Burrow's favorite piece of religious music, and it is the background music on this page.

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