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One of Mr. Burrow's favorite activities is travel. He has traveled to to all fifty U.S. states, most on many occasions.  He has also visited all ten provinces of Canada, as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Other places he has visited include Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Iceland, the Mediterranean colony of Gibraltar, and the Atlantic island colony of St. Pierre & Miquelon.  He also claims to have been in Ireland, though just because he changed planes at Shannon Airport.  His favorite places include the city of Chicago, the borough of Queens in New York City, the nation of Iceland, the shores of Hudson Bay at Churchill, Manitoba,  and the island of Newfoundland.

For many years Mr. Burrow kept a road atlas, where he highlighted the roads he had driven.  That was long ago abandoned when the marks of the highlighter seemed to color in many states completely.  He has driven to all ninety-nine counties in his home state of Iowa, most numerous times.  There are many other states whose roads he knows nearly as well, though.  Among them are New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  When rail is added to highways, he could add states like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and California to those he knows best.

While he most often travels alone, he has also made a number of trips with other members of his family. Probably his most common traveling companion has been his sister, Margaret, who died in 2017. He prefers to drive when he travels, because of the freedom it affords. He also likes trains and has made numerous trips by Amtrak and VIA Rail.  He does not care for buses and tolerates flying only because it is invariably the quickest way to travel long distances.  He has gotten very sick on boats in the past, and because of that tends to avoid them whenever possible.  Only rarely has he been part of package tours. Even when he has done such tours, he invariably uses every moment of allowable "free" time to personalize the trip to his own liking.

Of all the places he has not visited, he would most like to go to New Zealand (which he plans to visit in 2020) and Australia. He would also one day like to visit Argentina and South Africa.


Cape SpearDaytona Beach
LEFT:  David Burrow at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, the easternmost point in North America RIGHT:  David Burrow at Daytona Beach, Florida

David Burrow on a bluff above the Mississippi River near Vicksburg

ABOVE & BELOW:  U.S. passport and passport card (with numbers removed) for David Burrow


A vacation that's not going to happen - from Last Week Tonight's The Top of Mt. Everest


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