Rapid Transit


Mr. Burrow has a longtime interest in rapid rail transit systems. He has studied the topic in depth, and enjoys seeing and using the systems in various cities. In America he has ridden on the transit systems in greater New York (NYC subway, PATH, Hudson-Bergen light rail, NJ Transit, Long Island Railroad, MetroNorth, JFK Airtrain, Newark city subway, and Newark airport monorail), Atlanta (MARTA subway and airport "plane train"), Chicago (CTA, Metra, South Shore commuter rail, and O'Hare rapid transit), Washington (subway, streetcar, and commuter train - plus the capitol subway, which rode as part of the Presidential Classroom program when he was in high school), Baltimore (subway, tram, ight rail, and  commuter train), New Orleans (streetcar), St. Louis (light rail), Kansas City (streetcar), Denver (light rail, commuter rail, and airport tram), Cleveland (subway and light rail), Boston (subway and commuter rail), Philadelphia (SEPTA subway and commuter rail, Norristown high speed line, PATCO, and the River Line), Los Angeles (subway, light rail, and commuter rail), Detroit (people mover), San Diego (trolley), Portland (light rail and streetcar), Miami (light rail and people mover), Orlando (airport transit), Memphis (triolley), Minneapolis/St. Paul (light rail, Northstar commuter rail, and airport tram), Pittsburgh (light rail and incline), Houston (airport transit system), Buffalo (NFTA metro), Austin (light rail), Dallas/Fort Worth (light rail, trolley, Las Colinas people mover, Trinity Rail Express, TexRail, and DFW airport transit), Oklahoma City (streetcar), Seattle (light rail, streetcar, monorail, and airport transit), Salt Lake City (light rail, commuter rail, and streetcar), Sacramento (light rail),  the San Francisco Bay area (cable car, MUNI light rail, VTA light rail, CalTrain, Capitol corridor, SFO AirTrain, and BART system), Phoenix (light rail and PHX SkyTrain), Dubuque (funicular), Milwaukee (HOP streetcar), and San Juan (Tren Urbano). His favorite of these systems is the historic Chicago 'L'. Overseas he has explored the public transit systems in Madrid (his favorite of this group), London, Barcelona, Moscow, Kiev, Paris, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Mexico City, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. As more and more cities expand their rail transit systems, he hopes to explore many other systems in the coming years.

While he far prefers rail transit, Mr. Burrow has also taken city buses in many places.  The places he has explored by bus include Chicago and its suburbs, New York, Los Angeles and its suburbs, Portland, Honolulu, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis, Miami, Austin, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Boston, Kansas City, New Orleans, Washington, Rochester (New York), Detroit/Windsor, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Denver, Glenwood Springs & Aspen (Colorado), Plymouth (Massachusetts), Springfield (Massachusetts), Oklahoma City, San Francisco and its suburbs, Phoenix, Baltimore, Harpers Ferry (West Virginia), San Juan, Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Moscow, and Reykjavik.

Whenever possible Mr. Burrow uses transit when he visits large cities. He dislikes driving in urban traffic, and finds it simpler and usually cheaper (when parking costs are considered) to drive to a suburban park-and-ride and then explore the city by rail.

Mr. Burrow has also taken numerous inter-city trains.  These include Amtrak's Acela, Adirondack, California Zephyr, Capitol Corridor, Capitol Limited, Carl Sandburg, Cascades,  Cardinal, City of New Orleans, Coast Starlight, Downeaster, Empire Builder, Empire Service, Hiawatha, Illinois Zephyr, Keystone, Lake Shore Limited, Lincoln Service, Maple Leaf, Missouri River Runner, Northeast Regional, Pacific Surfliner, Pennsylvanian, Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited, Three Rivers, Valley Flyer, and Wolverine.  He has also traveled on VIA Rail Canada's Corridor, Ocean, and Winnipeg-Churchill trains, PeruRail's Hiram Bingham train, KiwiRail's TranzAlpine and Northern Explorer, and Renfe's Talgo between Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.  He finds trains more relaxing and enjoyable than other forms of travel.


Train Station Sign Park and Ride

On the 'L'
David Burrow on a blue line 'L' train in Chicago

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