Mr. Burrow was originally raised in the United Methodist Church, but he changed his affiliation as an adult. Today he is a member of the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Algona, Iowa. He has served as an usher, as chair of the Missions Committee, as vice president of the Board of Directors, and as chair and secretary for the Worship and Music Committee. He is currently the church worship leader (called "lector" in many churches), and he has used his talents in church dramatic presentations.

In October 2008 he led an entire service in his church, including presenting a sermon entitled "Change the World Today" and in November he presented a sermon called "Six Degrees of Separation".  Since then he has presented  "What I Did on My Summer Vacation (Lessons Travel Can Teach)" (September, 2009), "The Word Gets Around ... OR What Do We Believe?" (April, 2010), "We Are All One Family" (June, 2010), "Making the Ordinary Extraordinary" (January, 2011), "Think Small" (July, 2011), "Prepare the Way of the Lord" and "Fear Not" (December, 2013), "Shut Up and Listen" (August 2014), "Working for the Kingdom" (September 2015), and "All God's Creatures Got a Place in the Choir" (April 2016).  After a long break he spoke again in April 2022 on the topic "Recognizing Jesus", in September 2022 with "Lost and Found" and "Role Models", and in October 2022 with "Living the New Covenant".

The school he teaches at, Bishop Garrigan High School, is affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Sioux City. Through the school Mr. Burrow has also become active with the Roman Catholic Church. Though he is not a member, he has helped to prepare school liturgies and he has read scripture and prayers at mass. He finds the Catholic liturgy especially reverent and meaningful; and he has attended mass while traveling in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, New Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Virginia, Alaska, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Washington, D.C.  He has also attended a variety of Protestant church services away from home in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

It is probably his Methodist background that makes Mr. Burrow love hymns and religious music. He especially enjoys the resounding old British hymns with their precise words and hearty melodies. These are, of course, the very songs upon which much of the Methodist tradition is based. Mr. Burrow also likes newer offerings, such as the Catholic hymns by the St. Louis Jesuits. In keeping with his liberal religious beliefs, gospel is his least favorite style of religious music, but occasionally he can even enjoy hymns of that genre. Mr. Burrow especially enjoys religious music while driving. He keeps an old Methodist hymnal and a Catholic missalette in his car. On long trips, singing hymns aloud helps to pass the time.

Mr. Burrow enjoys writing prayers, both for his own devotion and for public presentation. Many times he has written prayers of the faithful for school masses, and he has also prepared numerous daily devotions. In December, 1997, he presented the main message at BGHS' Christmas prayer service, relating his experiences when his father died at Christmas fourteen years earlier.

Mr. Burrow is offended by those who believe there is only one route to heaven--theirs. He is willing to respect their views, and it bothers him when they are not willing to respect his. It bothers and saddens him when large numbers of people support or oppose political candidates based on one or two supposedly "Christian" issues. Some people, for instance feel a politician's views on abortion are the only views that matter. Mr. Burrow believes in protecting life, but he believes life after birth is at least as precious as life in the womb. To him candidates who oppose war, support gun control, disavow capital punishment, protect the environment, and work to end poverty are more actively "pro-life" than those who care only about ending abortion.

In 2010 the Pew Forum's poll on religious knowledge was much in the news.  Reporters made much of the fact that atheists and agnostics appeared to have more religious knowledge than Protestants or Catholics. After discovering there was an online version, Mr. Burrow took the quiz.  He was proud to score 100% on this, even though there was one question that came down to an intelligent guess.  (The results of his quiz are here.)  Mr. Burrow believes it is important to know about other religions so we can fully understand what is important about our own.  He also strongly believes that God speaks to different people in different ways, and there is no single "right" way to heaven.

As the Book of James says, "faith without works is dead". Mr. Burrow believes that being a good person and helping other people are far more important than just "believing" or attending church. Service has been important to him throughout his life, and it is probably the number one reason he chose teaching as a career. He contributes to many charities and helps other people directly whenever he can.


Don't place a period where God has placed a comma.  God is still speaking,
Don't place a period where God has placed a comma.  God is still speaking,


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1st Congregational Church--UCC
First Congregational United Church of Christ -- Algona, Iowa

Last Supper Tableau
David Burrow played Judas in a church production of The Last Supper Tableau


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