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According to various directories, there are at least seventy people named "David Burrow" who use the Internet (though the actual number is certainly higher). There are over one hundred people with similar names on-line. As far as can be determined from assorted search engines, David Michael Burrow of Iowa has the most comprehensive homepage among the "David Burrows" on the web. Several similar domains have come and gone over the years.  In 2024 the only active domain with a similar name was  "davidburrowmusic.com" , the site of a professional percussionist from Oregon. 

Other people who share the name "David Burrow" include a mixed martial arts fighter ("The Duke"),  a realtor , a professor of history and international studies at the University of South Dakota,  a dentist in Texas,and a Christian author whose How to Be a Great Camp Counselor is out of print, but still available on Amazon. 

Other websites featuring same-named people have come and gone over the years. There was, for instance, an interesting page is by a David Burrow who was a police officer and motorcyclist in Ohio. Also gone is a music professor from New York University, a Russian history instructor from Wisconsin, an aircraft mechanic from Kansas City, a session bassist in Britain, a narcotics officer in Australia, a British minister, a scientist who worked for the FDA, and a man in California who is probably best described as a "beach bum".

There are also several David Burrows (with an "s" at the end). The most distinguished is probably David Nelson Burrows, a professor of astrophysics at Penn State. His works on such topics as supernovas are published widely both on-line and in print. Oddly, Professor Burrows has a brother named John who enjoys writing, just like David Michael Burrow's brother.

Another well-known David Burrows played professional football (soccer) in England. The Coventry Sky Blues paid 1.1 million pounds (nearly $2 million) to acquire his services--more money than David Michael Burrow will probably earn in his life. Until quite recently on-line searches for "David Burrow" gave a huge number of results referring to this athlete, who is nicknamed "Bugsy" by the press and fans.

Among the other prominent "David Burrows" are an Irish sailor, a theatrical designer from London, and a DWI attorney from Houston. A number of other people with this name have had pages that came and went on the web over the years. For a time there was even a character in an on-line science fiction story named David Burrows. He was a surgeon who played golf when he was not working at St. Mary's Hospital. Sadly, Dr. Burrows' fictional biography has been removed from the web, so you can no longer read its amusing variation on the old "purely coincidental" disclaimer.


David Burrows-Astronomer David Burrows-footballer David Burrows-Yachtsman
LEFT: Astronomer/physicist David N. Burrows of Penn State University
CENTER: British soccer player David "Bugsy" Burrows of the Coventry Sky Blues
RIGHT: Yachtsman David Burrows (photo by Ireland Afloat)

ABOVE LEFT:  Percussionist David Burrow
ABOVE CENTER:  Grave of a WWII veteran with the name David Burrow
ABOVE RIGHT:  FDA Director of Scientific Investigations David Burrow
BELOW LEFT:  Cricketer David Burrow
BELOW CENTER:  History professor David Burrow of the University of South Dakota
BELOW RIGHT:  MMA fighter David Burrow


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