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Mr. Burrow has always been concerned about the environment, which is part of the reason he has always favored small cars. This interest goes back to at least 1970, when on Earth Day his elementary class was given styrofoam cups with tiny tree seedlings in them. He planted his tree outside his home in Mt. Pleasant and cared for it for years. By 2000, the the little seedling towered above the house where he used to live. Unfortunately, in 2005 the current occupants cut down the evergreen.

His eclectic interests also include an ongoing fascination with the space program. He also loves inventions (particularly landmark historical inventions), and he can spend hours in museums of technology. Probably the most fascinating place he has ever visited was Thomas Edison's workshop in West Orange, New Jersey.

Another of Mr. Burrow's interests is politics. He is a lifelong member of the Democratic Party, but he voted a straight ticket for the first time in 2012--and then only because the Republican Party had become too extreme to be tolerable.  He feels his personal lifestyle and values are quite conservative, but he is quite tolerant of others and his political views are generally liberal. One of his heroes is President Jimmy Carter, who he believes is one of the few truly decent politicians in modern times. In the 2008 Presidential election he was a strong supporter of Barack Obama long before there was a bandwagon for the Illinois senator.  He was absolutely thrilled to see the nomination and inauguration of our first black President.  Obama wasn't ashamed to be a liberal, but he was also willing to work together with others whose views were different than his own--something all too rare in Washington.  It is unfortunate many other politicians didn't give his policies a chance to work.

While it may sometimes be a bit warped, Mr. Burrow has a definite sense of humor. He especially enjoys parodies of everyday situations, stupid puns, and slightly risqué double entendre. He cares less for absurd jokes or for outright vulgarity.

Mr. Burrow's other interests include walking and hiking, as well as food and cooking. He is a serious baseball fan, and he has a substantial baseball card collection. He also very much enjoys hockey, and he has seen professional football and basketball games.  He loves travel, and he is a supporter of rail transit. More information on these specific interests is found on other pages of this site.


David's Tree
The tree Mr. Burrow planted on the first Earth Day in 1970 became a towering evergreen.

Nolan Ryan Rookie Card
The 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card. Unfortunately, Mr. Burrow only has a ceramic replica of this extremely valuable card.

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card
The 1989 Upper Deck rookie card of Ken Griffey, Jr., is one of Mr. Burrow's favorite baseball cards.

Poster from the first Presidential campaign Mr. Burrow was involved with

After years of voting against other candidates, finally there was a candidate Mr. Burrow was happy to vote for.
He also supported the President's re-election bid in 2012, though with far less enthusiasm.

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