David Michael Burrow

High School Pictures

These photos are from the Target 1979-1980 yearbook from Mt. Pleasant High School.

Captain of High School Bowl Team
(photo taken at WOC-TV - Davenport, Iowa ... Hi, Jess!)

National Honor Society - posing with "smart" objects
(Hi, Dave ... Hi, Mr. Rolenc!)

Double Division "I" rating at state speech contest
(Hi, Kaila! ... Hi, Liz!)

Foreign language club
(Hi, Brian! ... Bonjour, Nicole ... Hola, Señora Cermak!)

The MPHS Speech Team
(Hi, Vince!)

Winners of major scholarships at graduation
(Hi, Pete! ... Hi, Cindy! ... Hi, Rick! ... Hi, Patty!)

School award-winners
(David Burrow won "Outstanding Senior Boy" ... Hi, Brett! ... Hi, Jeff!)

Prom, 1980:  Leisure suits, pastel tuxes, and floor-length white lace
(Hi, Renee!)

Senior Picture (left)

Girl and Boy Most Likely to Succeed (right)
(Hi, Lynn!)

High School Diploma- May 19, 1980
(Hi A.K.! ... Hi Rusty! ... Hi, Ed!
... and "Hi" to about 150 other people in the Class of 1980 who didn't get mentioned on this page)

The background music on this page is the MPHS Fight Song, which is to the tune of "On Wisconsin".

On Mt. Pleasant, on Mt. Pleasant,
Run right down that floor;
Shoot the ball right in the basket--
Let's rack up that score;
On Mt. Pleasant, on Mt. Pleasant,
Fight on for your fame;
Fight, Panthers, fight, fight, fight--
We'll win this game!

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