David Burrow entered the world at the beginning of the Space Age. Here is the official announcement of his birth, which friends and relatives received in mid October, 1962:


News has just been released from the Moline Lutheran Launching Pad that Burrow satellite No. 5 was launched at 6:36 P.M. Central Daylight Time, October 11, 1962. The launch went off with no hitches, and officials near the pad predicted, shortly after the launch, that the satellite would enter a successful orbit which would demand refueling about every four hours. At a later date, longer periods between refueling stops are anticipated. Changes of outer covering on the satellite will be necessary at more frequent intervals. Technical data on this device follow:


Satellite: Burrow, No. 5 (affectionately dubbed David Michael).

Weight: 8 lb, 61/2 oz (dry).

Length: 211/2 in.

Sex: Male.

Launch time: 6:36 P.M., Central DST, October 11, 1962.

Chief Engineer: Betty Burrow, MAMA

Assistant Engineer: George Burrow, PAPA

Technical Assistance by:

Back-up & Baby-sitting by: Edna Fishell, GRANDMA

Apprentice Technicians:

The satellite is currently on display in the nursery at Moline Lutheran Hospital for a select group of observers. After October 16, 1962, it is planned to have it on display for one and all (sometimes wet and sometimes dry) at 3621 23rd Avenue, Rock Island, Ill.



Christmas, 1962



LEFT:  George, Steve, Paul, Margaret, John, Betty, and David Burrow
Christmas, 1962 -- Rock Island, Illinois

RIGHT:  David Burrow riding his trike, 1964



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