David Michael Burrow

Finite Mathematics (Fall, 2009)


Class was cancelled due to the blizzard on December 8, 2009.  The following links should help you review for Test #5:

We were to cover Section 8.2 in your book tonight, which deals with the topic of Expected Value.  This is not a difficult topic.  You should read through these notes, and you may do the suggested problems in your book (answers given) if you want.

We would have done this worksheet in class as our primary review for the test.  The test will cover sets, combinatorics, probability, and expected value.


ANSWERS TO Financial Math Review (Page 310):  MS Word - Acrobat

ANSWERS TO Logarithm Worksheet: MS Word - Acrobat

ANSWERS to Test 3 Review Worksheet:  MS Word - Acrobat

ANSWERS to Test 2 Review Worksheet:  MS Word - Acrobat

Syllabus:  MS Word - Acrobat


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