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David Burrow at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

  1. How smart are you? ... Why don't you go on Millionaire, Jeopardy, Win Ben Stein's Money, etc.?
    Mr. Burrow is a very intelligent person. As a high school talented and gifted coordinator, he is well aware that he would qualify for "TAG" classification himself. His ACT score of 32 ranked him at the 99th percentile in 1979, and he has ranked in the 90s on other tests such as the Graduate Record Exam, the National Merit Test, the Iowa Tests of Educational Development, and the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. He received one "B" in high school (in US history, his freshman year), for a cumulative grade point average in excess of 3.9. His undergraduate college grade point average was 3.73 (which earned him high honors), and he has a 4.0 in all his maters and post-graduate work. Amusingly for a math teacher, in grade school he once received "U" marks in arithmetic, largely for telling the teacher just how stupid the class was.

    As to the game show questions, he has tried numerous times to get on Millionaire (see the Television page). He did fine in the preliminary call-ins, but never managed to be lucky enough to be get a call-back in the random drawing for that purpose. The problem with Jeopardy and Ben Stein is that contestants have to pay their own way to Los Angeles to compete. Once they are there, there is no guarantee they will win anything other than "lovely parting gifts".

  2. So what's your IQ?
    As Mr. Burrow teaches his Statistics students, IQ really isn't a particularly good measure of intelligence. That said, he has taken a variety of intelligence tests over the years, with results ranging from 125 to 145 (1.5 to 3 standard deviations above the mean). He generally does better on tests of verbal ability than those involving spatial relationships, and he is better at computational mathematics than logic puzzles.
  3. If you're so smart, why are you teaching in a Catholic school? Why don't you do something where you can earn real money?
    Mr. Burrow likes his job. He likes teaching, and he likes the atmosphere at Garrigan. He enjoys working with his students, and over the years several of them have become like family to him. While he is deeply in debt and would certainly like to earn more money, he makes enough to get by.
  4. Why don't you say anything about your sex life on this website?
    In, general Mr. Burrow's beliefs are very liberal, and he is tolerant of whatever other people might do. However, he is very conservative and private in his personal life. He doesn't believe there is any reason to make his personal life public. So however curious a visitor might be, it really isn't any of your business.
  5. So can you give us any juicy, intimate details about your personal life?
    Yes, but it's really none of your business ... and if you have nothing better to do than check people's websites for such things, you've got a problem, don't you.
  6. Did you do this all yourself?
  7. What software did you use to create the pages?
    The site was originally created and edited directly on the web through the GeoCities file manager. Each page was initially created in the GeoCities basic editor (which automatically generates the HTML for many of the tedious aspects of a page). It was then edited using raw HTML in the GeoCities advanced editor. Mr. Burrow taught himself HTML by simply looking at reference sites and incorporating ideas into his site.

    Updates and more recent pages (particularly the more recent travelogues) were initially created as text documents in Microsoft Word. They were then edited in Front Page for best appearance on the web and then uploaded in their finished form.

  8. Where are all the photos from?
    The vast majority of photos are from Mr. Burrow's personal collection, which includes thirteen albums full of pictures of family, friends, and vacations from the past five decades. The majority were scanned on a cheap Hewlett-Packard scanner.  They were then run through the Microsoft Photo Editor to reduce their file sizes. The result is medium-quality JPEG images.  More recent pictures have been taken on inexpensive diugital cameras. 

    A few of the photos are borrowed from other sites on the web. In most cases, where the original source of these photos is known, it is credited in the caption. In other cases (such as with corporate and university logos), the source can be assumed to be the subject of the image. If the copyright holder of any of these images wishes them removed, they should contact Mr. Burrow.

  9. Why are the main pages of this site written in the third person?
    Mr. Burrow did all the work for this site himself. That's why it's called an autobiography. He chose to write in the third person (using "he" and "Mr. Burrow", rather than "I") for two reasons. First, he feels many sites on the internet presume an overly friendly tone; he prefers a slightly aloof formality. Secondly, the third person structure seems more appropriate to use with his students, who probably make up the majority of visitors to this site.
  10. Is the site really copyrighted?
    Yes and no. The notation by the e-mail address at the bottom of many of the older pages was generated automatically by the GeoCities basic editor. (Actually the editor generated 1997--even for pages created long after that year.) Technically any original work produced in the United States is protected by copyright, whether it is registered with the Library of Congress or not. The symbol reflects this.

    That said, virtually everything original on this site may be copied without offending the author. The nature of the internet makes it essentially a public domain, and nothing would be posted here that wasn't intended to be widely available.

  11. Is this part of the Bishop Garrigan High School website? ... the ILCC website?
    No. This is a personal web page and have no direct association with Mr. Burrow's employers.

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David Burrow on an Amtrak train in Oakland, California


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