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Elementary Spanish II (Fall, 2001)




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Tuesday & Thursday nights; 6:00pm - 10:00pm
October 25 - December 18, 2001
The course is taught live at the Algona center of Iowa Lakes Community College. It is available over the ILCC television system in Estherville, Emmetsburg, Spencer, and Spirit Lake.

4 semester hours Prerequisites
Elementary Spanish I (FL:118A).

David Michael Burrow

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Zayas-Bazán and Bacon. ¡Arriba! -- Comunicación y Cultura.. 3rd Edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice - Hall, 2001.

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This course continues the study of the basics of the Spanish language. Communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening will all be further developed. The study of Spanish grammar will continue, exposing the student to all the simple tenses. Further investigation of Hispanic culture is also incorporated into the course.

Overall Goals

  1. Expand knowledge of Spanish vocabulary.
  2. Understand major points of Spanish grammar.
  3. Refine Spanish pronunciation, and use it with frequency.
  4. Gain facility and confidence in using correct Spanish structures to express thoughts in both spoken and written Spanish
  5. Understand the meaning of written and spoken Spanish passages.
  6. Appreciate the culture of Spanish-speaking people.
You will have written assignments each class. Some will be done during class time, and others will be on your own time. These will not be formally graded, but you must understand them in order to do well on tests and quizzes. We will go over most assignments in class.

Each Tuesday the class will begin with a short quiz. These will include a matching section with vocabulary from the previous lesson and may also have a few short exercises about the grammar points discussed recently. There will be seven quizzes in all, and your lowest three scores will be dropped (so five will count). The quizzes as a group will count for 25% of your grade. If you are absent for a quiz, you will receive a “0”, which you will probably count as one of the dropped grades.

Writing and Speaking Samples
Each student will keep demonstrate their skills in writing and speaking Spanish.

The writing and speaking samples will account for a total of 25% of your grade. No exceptions will be made to the due dates on these assignments; late work will receive reduced credit.

There will be three tests over the course of this class. By the nature of the course, all tests will be somewhat cumulative. The three tests together will be worth 40% of your grade. Tests must be taken when scheduled, unless you make prior arrangements.

Attendance and Class Participation
Spanish is something that you learn by doing. Each student’s overall class participation will be informally evaluated. It is expected that students should do well in this area, which is worth a total of 10% of your grade. Because of the nature of this course, attendance is important. There are a total of 16 class meetings, and any student who is absent more than 2 times will have their grade for class participation reduced.

Various methods will be used to grade the different categories. Together, they are worth 100% of your grade. Under the ILCC scale, A = 90%+, B = 80%+, C = 70%+, D = 60%+, and F = 59%-. No plusses or minuses are given at ILCC. In general, extra credit is not available.

Weather Cancellation
In case of severe weather, the college will announce any cancellations on KLGA and other area radio stations. Listen to the 5:00 news for any announcements.

Horario de Clases (Tentative Schedule)

Jueves, el 25 de octubre (Lección 5--Primera Parte y Lección 6 -- Primera Parte)

Martes, el 30 de octubre (Lección 6 -- primera parte) Jueves, el 1 de noviembre (Lección 6 -- segunda parte) Martes, el 6 de noviembre (Lección 6 -- segunda parte y Lección 7 -- Primera Parte) Jueves, el 8 de noviembre (Lección 7 -- segunda parte) Martes, el 13 de noviembre (Lección 7 -- segunda parte y Lección 8 -- primera parte) Jueves, el 15 de noviembre (Lección 8 -- primera parte) Martes, el 20 de noviembre (Lección 8 -- segunda parte) Jueves, el 20 de noviembre Martes, el 27 de noviembre (Lección 9) Jueves, el 29 de noviembre (Lección 9 -- segunda parte) Martes, el 4 de diciembre (Lección 10 -- primera parte) Jueves, el 6 de diciembre (Lección 10) Martes, el 11 de diciembre (Lección 11) Jueves, el 13 de diciembre (Lección 11 y Lección 12) Martes, el 18 de diciembre

Vocabulary Practice

Follow these links to practice the vocabulary in each section. You can use the pages like flash cards. Just click on the Spanish word or phrase to see what te English is.

Online Language Tools

Be warned. Dictionaries and translation services are seldom foolproof. Words often have MANY meanings, and the one supplied by an online service may not be the one you want.


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