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Below are links to notes and handouts given in this class. These are documents in Microsoft Word and in Adobe Acrobat format. You may wish to download these by right clicking and choosing "save target as". You may then read them on a computer that has MS Office and/or Acrobat installed.

These notes are the BASIS of the notes that will be presented in class. They may not include everything that is presented. Most of these notes are based on class presentations from earlier semesters, and the actual presentations vary somewhat from semester to semester. You are advised to use these notes as a guide and a starting point--NOT in place of taking notes in class.

There may occasionally be some errors in the notes. Also, a few graphical features of Word (such as equations and mathematical symbols) may cause difficulty in printing. In some cases the notes also use unusual fonts as a method of illustrating mathematics. You may notice this in certain symbols which appear as just blank spaces, squares, or unusual characters when you attempt to print these Word documents on some computers.



These may be substantially revised throughout Spring, 2017.  It is suggested you wait to download them until it is time for each chapter.

Also note that some graphics and special characters may not print correctly in these versions of the notes.




Tables for Critical Values in Hypothesis Tests


Sample Tests

NOTE:  Tests and answers will be posted before it is time for each test during the semester.


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