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For more than twenty years Mr. Burrow has worked as an adjunct instructor in mathematics at Iowa Lakes Community College. He began teaching there in Summer, 1993. He has often taught one or two classes a semester, almost always in the evening college, though in recent years full-time campus staff have made fewer opportunities for adjuncts available.  He is typically based on the Algona center of ILCC, but via the college's distance learning television system he was able to teach remote students in Estherville, Spencer, Spirit Lake, and Emmetsburg. He has also taught live courses in Algona, Estherville, and Spencer, and he has originated TV classes from all the ILCC campuses.  His classes have always been quite well received by students.

His favorite Iowa Lakes course has been Statistics, but he has also taught various algebra courses, Calculus, Finite Mathematics, Math for General Education, and Math for Elementary Teachers. Indeed, at one time or another he has taught almost every course available in the math department at Iowa Lakes. He has also taught Elementary Spanish I an II.

In 1999 Mr. Burrow was part of a six-person committee that produced the book Teaching on Television. This is a best practices guide to the distance learning system at ILCC.

Mr. Burrow also teaches Statistics and Calculus as a dual-credit course for Iowa Lakes on site at Bishop Garrigan High School. On average about thirty high school students take his Statistics course at the high school in any given year.


ILCC TV System
David Burrow's image as "Big Brother" on the television system at Iowa Lakes Community College

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