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Mr. Burrow loves food, which is probably evident from his somewhat overweight physique. Having worked as a cook in a good restaurant, he enjoys preparing high-quality dishes. His specialties include French onion soup, baked ham, beef stroganoff, various pasta dishes, bread pudding, and apple crisp. While he is not a vegetarian, the majority of the food he eats at home is meatless. He could, however, not exist without cheese. He loves almost every variety of cheese, and one kind or another is the principal ingredient in almost everything he cooks.

Mr. Burrow buys a large part of his food at Aldi, the German-based no-frills grocer. Almost never does he see a difference in quality between store brands (such as those sold at Aldi) and their higher-priced national competition.  The rest he gets at the local Hy-Vee store, where he gets Fuel Saver reward points on his purchases.

While he does not eat out often, Mr. Burrow particularly enjoys the experience of dining in a good (but not pretentious) restaurant. He especially enjoys good Mexican restaurants, but he also likes Asian (Thai/Laotian), Italian, Greek, and of course traditional American food.

Mr. Burrow loves breakfast food. When he's travels, he enjoys having an omelette at a family restaurant. When he travels south of Interstate 70, he enjoys stopping at the Waffle House for some "chunked and covered" hash browns. He's also very glad he doesn't live in Canada, or he'd gain a hundred more pounds eating all the delicious doughnuts and rolls at Tim Horton's.

He also likes fast food, particularly when he is travelling. He loves breakfast items like the McDonalds Egg McMuffin and the ham, egg, and cheese biscuit that--lamentably--is available at fewer and fewer Hardees. Two summers in Mississippi also made him a big fan of the Southern regional burger chain, Krystal, and when he's traveling in California he always has to stop in at Fatburger.

While Mr. Burrow can honestly tell his students he did not drink when he was in high school, as an adult he does enjoy having a few drinks. His likes almost anything made with rum--especially dark rums, like the famous Newfoundland Screech. Rum and grapefruit juice (sometimes called a "Nevada") and the infamous New Orleans hurricane are probably his favorite drinks. He also likes vodka drinks, after first tasting Stolichnaya when he visited the old Soviet Union, and sweet Spanish champagne. When he drinks beer, his favorite brew is Busch.

Most of what Mr. Burrow drinks is non-alcoholic. He drinks a lot of juice--most of it unsweetened grapefruit juice. He's rarely seen without a cup of coffee, although he probably throws out more coffee than he drinks. He especially likes the coffee and chicory mixture popular that he learned to drink in the South.  He fails to see any attraction whatsoever to bottled water, but he does drink lots of tap water and homemade unsweetened iced tea. You're not likely to see a milk moustache covering Mr. Burrow's real moustache. He did not like milk as a child, and he doesn't care much more for it as an adult. To him, milk is an ingredient (which he typically buys canned)--and something that is best made into cheese.


Egg McMuffin Family Reunion
LEFT: The McDonalds Egg McMuffin is one of Mr. Burrow's favorite breakfast foods.
RIGHT: Mr. Burrow at a family reunion potluck in Fredericksburg, Iowa, in 1993

Newfoundland Screech
Screech--the dregs of the barrel make the best rum

KrystalRaised chocolate-frosted doughnuts
LEFT: Those who haven't been to Dixie may know White Castle, a chain that is virtually identical to Krystal.
RIGHT: M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m ... donuts! (Click above for full-size pictures.)

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